Celtic Open Knotwork Amber Silver Plated Bracelet

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  • Celtic Open Knotwork Amber Silver Plated Bracelet
  • Celtic Open Knotwork Amber Silver Plated Bracelet

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Celtic Open Knotwork Amber Silver Plated Bracelet
Knotwork Links Silver Plated Bracelet
Celtic Pewter Bracelet
measures approximately 17.80cm (7.00 inches) in length
Celtic Open Knotwork Design

 This Celtic Open Knotwork Amber Bracelet is expertly crafted with beautiful Stylish Pewter.  Four convex Celtic openwork pewter sections make up this oval gemstone bracelet with a cabochon as the centre piece set in the centre.   There are a few different choices for different cabochons available, please see my store for details.  

This Celtic Open Knotwork Bracelet measures approximately 17.80cm (7.00 inches) in length and a width of 10.00mm (0.39 inches).  Closes with a silver-plated lobster clasp.   Supplied in a satin and velvet-lined gift box.

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This handcrafted Bracelet will become family treasures that will last through the ages!


This beautiful Bracelet is a perfect gift for any occasion.   Wearing this beauty on your wrist will provide you endless pleasure.

 Please be advised that your item needs to be cast and made (2-3 weeks) before it can be sent to you.  Please allow sufficient time for your order to arrive.

Perfect for any occasion. This is a gift that will be proudly worn by any member of your family. 

Questions welcome at anytime, my door is always open for assistance. 


For 800 years the Celts were the most powerful people in central and northern Europe. There were many tribes of Celts who spoke related languages, shared similar customs and beliefs, and created works of art in closely connected styles. Invaders, such as the Romans,eventually drove them from their lands, although they never managed to conquer all the Celts, with parts of Scotland, Wales, Cornwall and Ireland continuing under Celtic rule until about AD1100. It is in these lands that Celtic art and designs survived, carved into stone crosses and discovered on pottery and ornaments. Religious scholars and monks adopted the traditions of Celtic art, creating illuminated texts such as the Book of Kells. The Celtic Cross evolved, with the circle that surrounds the cross symbolising the "great wheel of life" and knotwork denoting the binding of the soul to the world. Celtic designs are generally made up of lines with no beginning or end meaning the continuity of life. 

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