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 There is now a mini-mall all of its own with several different departments from you to browse through and choose the items you would like to purchase. 

Buy and treat yourself, own, wear and show off any of my products in your home - you will be the envy of friends and family.  They will want them too! 

I have searched the world over and bring to you products from many different countries and origins.    No matter what you are looking for, all the hard work is done, now you can just purchase and know that you are getting quality.  

Gift ideas for every occasion including birthdays, graduations, retirement, anniversaries, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas 


As a Professional Genealogist for over 20 years in some 15 countries worldwide, I have first hand knowledge of the important of accuracy and correctness of records.  

I would not put my name or my business name to these Coats of Arms or Surname Histories if I was not confident about the research that had been done before hand to ensure their authenticity. 

For the past 20 years I have been helping people find their ancestors and descendants on both a volunteer and professional basis. I have extensive experience in many fields, and am able to offer a full range of services.  

 I pride myself on my personal database which has over 40.1 million entries and continues to increases every day. Due to my remote location for a number of years, I found it necessary to both collect and archive my own copies of vital records.  

 You cannot know your full potential unless you have had a chance to discover your ancestors and their triumphs, trials, achievements and hard times. You cannot go forth into the future without knowing from whence you have come.                                                            

                                                          Together - lets discover the past.

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