Mackintosh Glasgow Rose Oval Sterling Silver Pendant

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  • Mackintosh Glasgow Rose Oval Sterling Silver Pendant
  • Mackintosh Glasgow Rose Oval Sterling Silver Pendant


Mackintosh Glasgow Rose Oval Sterling Silver Pendant
Sterling Silver Pendant
Charles Rennie Makintosh Pendant
measures approximately 28.50mm (1.12 inches) x 13.00mm (0.51 inches)
Mackintosh Glasgow Rose Oval Design

This Mackintosh Glasgow Rose Oval Pendant is expertly crafted with beautiful Sterling Silver.  Polished and designed to highlight the high level of detail even further.  

This pendant measures approximately 28.50mm (1.12 inches) x 13.00 (0.51 inches).  A 16.00 inch (42.00cm) Fine Sterling silver chain comes with this piece.


This handcrafted Pendant will become family treasures that will last through the ages!

This beautiful Pendant is a perfect gift for any occasion.   Wearing this beauty around your neck will provide you endless pleasure.

This item is made in and shipped from United Kingdom. Your item will be shipped from this address. Please be advised that your item needs to be cast and made (2 weeks) before it can be sent to you.  Please allow sufficient time for your order to arrive.

Perfect for any occasion. This is a gift that will be proudly worn by any member of your family. 

Questions welcome at anytime, my door is always open for assistance.


In late 19th-century Glasgow an exciting combination of industrial wealth and skills, artistic talent and enlightened patronage produced the climate that fostered a new movement in design and style, with Charles Rennie Mackintosh at its head.

The "Glasgow Style" of the late 19th century was an idiosyncratic variation of Art Nouveau and the Arts and Crafts movement.

Mackintosh was an all round designer and his acclaimed willow and rose motifs were used throughout the interiors of one of his best known creations, Miss Cranston's Tea Rooms.

He died in 1928 and has now become renowned worldwide for his distinctive repertoire of forms and motifs.

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