Celtic Endless Knotwork 14K Yellow Gold Mens Ring Wedding Band

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  • Celtic Endless Knotwork 14K Yellow Gold Mens Ring Wedding Band
  • Celtic Endless Knotwork 14K Yellow Gold Mens Ring Wedding Band


Celtic Endless Knotwork 14K Yellow Gold Mens Ring Wedding Band
Mens Celtic Endless 14K Yellow Gold Ring Band
Mens 14K Yellow Gold Interlace Celtic Ring
Measuring approximately 21.00mm (13/16 inches) x 9.00mm (3/8 inches)
Sizes available - custom made

Each Celtic Endless Knotwork Wedding Ring Band is exquisitely handcrafted in beautiful 14K Yellow Gold.  Antiqued in black to highlight the design even further.  This is a small constructed mens ring.   The Celtic ring is designed with Celtic interlacing knotwork over the entire band of this piece.
When you trace one of these Celtic Interlace designs through its interwoven pattern, you find that it's design is endless. For this reason it has become a favorite of lovers or friends to represent their eternal commitment. The Celtic Interlace pattern, through its many twists and turns has also come to represent the endless riddle of life and the quest for its meaning. We all have the same beginning and end.

Ring measuring on the top approximately 21.00mm (13/16 inches) x 9.00mm (3/8 inches)
This Ring is also available in a highly polished finish upon request.  It will need to be cast and made (2-3 weeks) 
For sizes over 12 an extra cost for additional materials will be required.

This beautiful ring is a perfect gift for any occasion.

Bold curves, luxury, smoothness. Wearing this beautiful ring will provide any man great satisfaction.

The superior craftsmanship and timeless design of this ring will compliment any tailored mens evening wear exceptionally.
This item is made in and shipped from Canada. Your item will be shipped from this address. Please be advised that your item needs to be cast and made (2-4 weeks) before it can be sent to you.  Please allow for sufficient time for your order to arrive.

Questions welcome at anytime, my door is always open for assistance. 


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