Blaine Clan Badge Silver Clan Crest Black Hunter Pocket Watch

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  • Blaine Clan Badge Silver Clan Crest Black Hunter Pocket Watch
  • Blaine Clan Badge Silver Clan Crest Black Hunter Pocket Watch


Blaine Clan Badge Silver Clan Crest Black Hunter Pocket Watch
Sterling Silver Clan Badge Pocket Watch
Clan Badge Clan Crest Pocket Watch
measures 19.50mm in diameter 
Clan Crest Design Stainless Steel Case
These Clan Crest Clan Badge Pocket Watches are expertly crafted with beautiful mirror finish Black Enamel Stainless Steel outer case with a Sterling Silver Clan Badge mounted in the center.  The Clan Crest Badges are created in highly detail and have an interlace design surrounding the badge.  It can be used at any number of both casual and formal occasions.
The high quality analog Clan Crest pocket watch opens with a button on the stem to reveal a contrasting solid white face with black Arabic numbers. The movement is precision quartz and is battery operated. The Clan crest watch includes an elegant removable matching alloy chain with a lobster claw clip at one end and a clip at the other end. The reverse side of the case is suitable for engraving (to be completed by buyer).
The Clan Badge measures approximately 19.50mm in diameter.  The interlace design surrounding the badge measures 30.00 (1.18 inches in diameter). The entire pocket watch measures approximately 47.00mm (1.85 inches) in diameter.
These Clan Badge Pocket Watches are also available in plain Stainless Steel with Sterling Silver and 10K Solid Gold Badges, please see other listings in my store for details and pricing.   
Have you seen the other matching items in my store that match this piece??  There are many products that this Clan Badge can be included with, please see my other store listings.   A large number of Clan Badges products are available in my store in different materials please enquire.
This handcrafted Clan Badge Pocket Watch will become family treasures that will last through the ages!
These beautiful Clan Badge Pocket Watch will be the perfect gift for any occasion.  
In ancient times, the Chief of the Clan presented to his clansmen his crest for them to wear as a symbol of their loyalty and Clan affiliation. The Clan badges are made by the lost wax casting process, which allows to carve the designs deeply into the surface in high relief on many levels. This gives a three dimensional quality.
Each Clan Badge is painstakingly made by hand and the difference is significant. These badges are NOT made by die stamping or machine engraving, which allows for only one dimension on the badge surface. Again, the difference in the end product is significant. This handcrafted Celtic Badge will become a family treasure that will last through the ages!
Show the heritage of your families, that will last for many years to come. Although there is an extensive database of Clan Badges and Clan Crests, please ask BEFORE you purchase to ensure that your order can be supplied.
Please allow sufficient time for your order to arrive. 

Perfect for any occasion. This is a gift that will be proudly worn by any member of your family. 

Questions welcome at anytime, my door is always open for assistance.

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