Fife Crest Tartan 7 x 8 Woodcarver Wooden Wall Plaque

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  • Fife Crest Tartan 7 x 8 Woodcarver Wooden Wall Plaque
  • Fife Crest Tartan 7 x 8 Woodcarver Wooden Wall Plaque


Fife Crest Tartan 7 x 8 Woodcarver Wooden Wall Plaque  
Clan Crest Wooden Wall Plaque
Measuring Approximately 7 inches x 8 inches
Clan Woodcarver Plaque
These Clan Woodcarver Wall Plaques are made to the highest standard with attention to detail. These plaques are a massive hit as gifts all year around, but especially at Christmas, so get your order in early!
Beautifully hand crafted and then meticulously painted in authentic colours, this Woodcarver Clan Wall Plaques is truly stunning. Created by woodworking craftsmen and leading heraldic and clan crest artists.
All of these unique designs have been approved by the Standing Council of Scottish Clan Chiefs.
Choice for the Crest and Tartan Fabric to be mounted on either:
Natural Chestnut Wood Finish
Dark Walnut Wood Finish
measuring approximately 7 inches (17.78cm) x 8 inches (20.32cm)
Please note sometimes that the colours in the photos can appear a little less vibrant out than with the real wall plaque.

Have you seen your Scottish Clan Crest or Tartan yet ?

Ask me about it today !!  If your name is not associated to a Scottish Clan then you will have the option to choose a Scottish design and personalise this with your own name and choice of tartan.

These are unsurpassed in both quality and authenticity and guaranteed to bring interest to many generations to come.  

There is also a larger shield of this style available in my store - measuring 10 x 12 inches.  Please see my other listings for details and pricing.   There are quite a few different styles of Plaques and Shields available for Scotland, Ireland and Coat of Arms.

These beautiful shields need time to be made BEFORE they can be sent to you.  Please allow sufficient time for your order to arrive.

 Questions welcome at anytime, my door is always open for assistance.  

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